Diabetics Dying From Heart Attack Deaths Doubled

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Diabetics suffering from heart attack have doubled during the past ten years. Scientists from Imperial College in London and Leicester University compared data of 2006 with data of 1996 in a new research. They considered only the common type 2 diabetes.

In 1996 the number of type 2 diabetes patients was 1.4 million, in 2006 it was 2 million. In 1996 there were 6000 people diabetes diagnosed annually, in 2006 there were 13000 newly diagnosed cases reported. About 75000 British people are suffering from diabetes, but they don't pass proper screening and are not aware of the disease.

Study found that cardiovascular disease rates have significantly increased in diabetes patients. In 1996 7.2% of heart attack suffers were people with diabetes, in 2006 the number of these people grew to 13.9%, Angina cases doubled from 6.7% to 15.3%, stroke cases rose from 6.1% to 11.3%.


About 80% of diabetes patients are obese. Obesity is one of common reasons causing heart events, and together with blood sugar high level, it causes numerous complications to diabetes patients.

The report also shows, that diabetes was mainly occurring among older adults, but now there are too many young children suffering from disease.

Libby Dowling, a care adviser at Diabetes UK, said: "The numbers are growing and reaching epidemic proportions. We are seeing people diagnosed younger and so the complications are likely to happen earlier."

Initial levels of diabetes treatment may be successfully by diet and exercising, but later the disease progresses and patients need tablets and regular insulin injections. However, if properly treated, disease rates may be reduced by 56%, and scientists are doing their best to make diabetes treatment more effective.


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