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Frog Skin - New Diabetes Treatment

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Slime from frog skin can improve diabetes treatment. Researchers fromUniversity of Ulster and United Arab Emirates University studied SouthAmerican frog named Pseudis paradoxa.

Frog's skin secretes slime that contains pseudin-2 molecule toprotect from infections. The molecule was also found to stimulateinsulin production.

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Scientists developed synthetic version ofpseudin molecule and tested it in laboratory. It boosted insulinstimulation process and was much more effective than the naturalmolecule. The study also showed frog therapy is completely safe.

The study needs further research to have the method tested on humanpatients. In case of success, the study will open a totally new type ofdiabetes treatment called incretin mimetics

Researcher Dr YasserAbdel-Wahab said: "Now we need to put our work into practice to try tohelp people with type 2 diabetes. More research is needed but there isa growing body of work around natural anti-diabetic drug discovery thatis already yielding fascinating results."

Type 2 diabetes suffer from lack of insulin hormone or insulindoesn't work properly. These patients are unable regulate blood glucoselevels and develop obesity. Type 2 diabetes is treatable by strong dietand regular exercising, but if the disease gets out of control, it maycause blindness, heart and kidney disease. This is why a safe andefficient diabetes treatment is highly important.