Increased Waist Size Is A Symptom Of Diabetes

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Increase waist size is the one of first symptoms of diabetes. Most of British people believe they are slimmer in waist, leading to growing number undiagnosed diabetes cases.

University of Leicester surveyed 502 people about waist size. Men think they are slimmer in waist by 3.1 inches (7.9cm), women by 2.2 inches (5.5cm). South Asian underestimated less inches than Europeans: 1.6 inches (4.1cm).


Douglas Smallwood, of the charity Diabetes UK, said: "To believe that you are more than three inches slimmer than you are is to ignore a clear warning of a risk of diabetes. It can take years for symptoms of diabetes to emerge so simple indicators like waist size are important signals."

In UK currently there are about 2.3 million type 2 diabetes diagnosed patients. The disease leads to serious conditions, such as blindness, heart and kidney disease, stroke. Diabetes is very important to be early diagnosed and properly treated. Otherwise, people may be undiagnosed for 12 years, which may lead to conditions coming up unexpectedly.

About 750000 people in UK have diabetes, but they don't know it. Paying attention to waist size could lead to more diabetes cases early diagnosed and carefully treated, easing disease conditions and improving quality of life. The study also estimates about 80% of patients are overweight or obese.

Researchers urge overweight patients to be very watchful to waist size, because some underestimated inches may play very important role in early detection of type 2 diabetes.