Software Identifies Overlooked Diabetes Patients

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New software developed by a GP can find people with potential risk for diabetes who have passed blood test, but have been overlooked by doctors.

General practitioner Dr Tim Holt from University of Warwick has developed this new software that will help doctors to identify those at diabetes risk. EMIS, a software developer for doctors, have already installed the software on its client' computers.


Dr Holt examined 3.6 million records of anonymous patients who passed blood tests, but were not diabetes identified. The software found 33000 patients, called 'possibles', who will need a double check. Another 3700 patients who have more risk for disease, were called 'probables'.

According to estimate, the new software may find about 500000 possibles and 60000 probables in all recorded blood tests across UK. The software found 6 overlooked patients at risk for diabetes among Dr Holt's patients.

Dr Holt said: "The study demonstrates the power of information technology to assist practice teams in the early detection of diabetes. There are lots of reasons why a raised blood sugar level might not be followed up. For example, the doctor might be investigating another problem, and order blood tests for something else, with the 'glucose' box ticked as well. The patient, also might think that a note from the surgery asking them to come in about their raised blood glucose level was unimportant compared with their other problem."

According to Diabetes UK, diabetes is a very serious condition hat needs to be identified as soon as possible. Early detection of disease may delay symptoms and peaking of the disease, which leads to blindness, amputations, heart and kidney disease. Healthy diet, daily exercising and managing weigh may greatly improve diabetes patient's quality of life.