Helping Americans With Diabetes And Their Families Make Holiday Season Healthy

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Holiday parties, Christmas cookies, and New Year's celebrations might have some people feeling jolly, but for the 21 million Americans with diabetes and their families, this time of the year raises challenges and anxiety over what to eat, how to "fit in" at gatherings, and how to stay healthy. But this year there's a resource to help -- the "dLife Holiday Helpline", the first- ever source to assist people to have a diabetes-friendly holiday season, provided by dLife, the #1 resource for diabetes information, inspiration, and connection. The dLife Holiday Helpline is free, and available 24/7 through December.

The dLife Holiday Helpline is staffed with knowledgeable Registered Dietitians and Certified Diabetes Educators who will answer questions via an online forum, and provide tips on how to make holiday fare healthier for people with diabetes -- whether it's knowing what to avoid at the office party, a menu for a large family meal, or even which desserts are healthier for people with diabetes.


In addition to the free Holiday Helpline, visitors to can access over 8,000 recipes, more than 30 streaming step-by-step cooking videos and a comprehensive list of holiday-related tips. Even modified cultural favorites -- such as Hanukkah latkes and Kwanzaa chicken and dumplings -- are available.

Eating right is the biggest challenge for people with diabetes and those who cook for them. According to a recent dLife survey, 63 percent of participants indicated "food-related" challenges as the biggest obstacle in managing their diabetes. The holidays -- with carbohydrate heavy traditional favorites, rich foods, desserts, and cocktails -- present even greater problems. Nearly half (44 percent) of people with diabetes said avoiding food temptations is the hardest part about the holidays.

"The holidays are a time to get together with family and friends, and food is a very big part of those gatherings, which presents difficulties for people with diabetes," said celebrity chef Michel Nischan, who regularly appears on dLifeTV. "I have two sons with diabetes, and as a chef, I am always looking for ways that they can enjoy the splurges of the season and remain healthy. I am confident the dLife Holiday Helpline will help people make their holiday season less stressful and much more satisfying."