USA Today Examines Diabetes-Related Issues

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USA Today on Monday published two articles on issuesrelated to diabetes as part of a four-day series titled "The FightAgainst Diabetes." Headlines and summaries appear below.

  • "Diabetes 'Revolution' Is Cutting Both Ways":The article examines how, although complications from diabetes havedecreased, not "everyone is reaping the benefits" from improvements intreatment of the condition. In addition, the article examines howdiabetes "is increasing worldwide at such an alarming rate that thenumber of new cases is outpacing the number of those benefiting fromgains made in treatment," in large part because of obesity. Accordingto experts, the increased rate of diabetes "threatens to overwhelmhealth systems and undermine economies," USA Today reports (Manning [1], USA Today, 11/12).
  • "Get Off the Road to Diabetes: 'Pre-Diabetes' Diagnosis Can Jump-Start a Change of Habits To Lower Risk":The article examines how individuals at increased risk for diabetesbecause of age, genetic profile or other factors can change theirlifestyle to help reduce their risk for the condition. Indiana Universitydiabetes researcher David Marrero said, "Diabetes is reaching epidemicproportions. The number of people who have early stages -- pre-diabetes-- is three to four times the people with frank diagnoses of diabetes."In reference to the diagnosis of diabetes, he said that "it's better tocatch the horse before it gets out of the barn" (Manning [2], USA Today, 11/12).

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