ReBuilder Launches New Alternative To Toothpaste For Diabetics

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Toothpaste For Diabetics

ReBuilder Medical Technologies announced its initial entry into the diabetic hygiene market with the release of SilverMouthWash, utilizing the company's proprietary technology of micronized amorphous silver ions.

SilverMouthWash provides an infection fighting mouthwash and gargle that contains particles of silver measured in the billionths of an inch. SilverMouthWash is positioned to replace normal toothpaste which contains harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to diabetics.


Personal hygiene products are important to Diabetics, who are extremely susceptible to infection. Treatment of diabetes is a $132 billion market annually; a market already tapped by Rebuilder Medical's products for the treatment of diabetes induced peripheral neuropathy.

Silver is an effective bacteria fighter and causes little or no side effects. The market for diabetic personal hygiene products is estimated at $50 million. "We anticipate reaching 1% of the $50 million market in our first year based on our current marketing plan," said Dr. Phillips. "These sales will add to the existing sales from its ReBuilder System and increase revenues significantly in 2007."

The FDA does not provide approval for these types of personal hygiene products, but the FDA has included silver on its Generally Regarded As Safe list (GRAS). The product contains only distilled water, pure essential cinnamon oil, and microscopic traces of micronized amorphous silver ions. The taste is naturally sweet and refreshing and helps eliminate even tobacco mouth odors.

"We have over 20,000 customers who have used our ReBuilder System to treat their peripheral neuropathy at home. Most of these customers developed their numbness and pain as a result of their diabetes. Many of our customers have asked us if we could assist them with their personal hygiene needs," said Adeyemi Bandele, Executive VP of ReBuilder Medical Technologies, Inc. "We developed our proprietary silver technology to protect our ReBuilder customers' feet from infections, and it was a logical extension to develop a means to use this new technology for oral hygiene. Most people are unaware that the same bacteria that cause mouth infections can cause heart disease."