Managing Diabetes to Reduce Heart Risk

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(NC) - A healthy lifestyle can benefit us all, but people living with diabetes have a special reason to be vigilant.

Diabetes multiplies the chances of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) as much as four-fold. In fact, about 80 per cent of people with diabetes will die as a result of CVD.

"Doctors are now trying to aggressively manage diabetes so that people with the disease can make lifestyle changes to head off heart attacks or strokes," says Catherine Statton, Cardiac Rehab Supervisor at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Canada's largest provider of adult rehabilitation services.

"People with diabetes have to be active, eat a healthy diet and successfully manage their blood sugars. They also have to keep risk factors like high blood pressure and cholesterol under much tighter control than the general population."


Women with diabetes must be especially careful, says Statton. "They have a higher incidence of disease than women without diabetes."

The new Diabetes Exercise and Healthy Lifestyle Service at Toronto Rehab is designed to offer primary prevention for cardiovascular disease. "We often hear people with diabetes say, "I knew I should have changed my lifestyle - but I didn't,'" says Statton. "The time to act is now before something happens."

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