LifeMasters Provides Tips To Prevent Foot Complications In Individuals With Diabetes

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Diabetes Foot Complications

In recognition of Foot Health Awareness Month, LifeMasters encourages diabetics to prevent foot complications by following a few simple steps to maintain healthy feet.

According to the World Health Organization, diabetes affects more than 180 million people worldwide. Diabetics are more prone to foot complications, such as fungal infections, calluses, ulcers, foot deformities, and gangrene -- which may include infection and may in some cases, lead to amputation.


"Diabetes causes a number of foot complications because of nerve damage (neuropathy) and decrease of blood flow to the foot," said Mary Jane Osmick, M.D., medical director at LifeMasters. "Neuropathy causes loss of feeling in the feet, decreasing feeling and leading to a foot injury. Diabetes also causes damage to blood vessels in all parts of the body, including the legs and feet, and can lead to poor circulation. Many of these complications can, however, be prevented by managing blood sugar levels and caring for your feet appropriately."

Dr. Osmick offers the following tips to maintain healthy feet:

LifeMasters Tips for Healthy Feet