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Teens Warned Of GHB After Pasha Grishuk Incidence

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Many young women fall victims of sexual victimization with GHB, the recent case being Pasha Grishuk, a former Olympic skcater.

A study by the University of Buffalo says Eighteen percent of young women experience sexual victimization.

Sexual victimization can mean several things - verbal coercion to have sex with an intimate partner, rape by a stranger, a woman fondled in a bar or forced intercourse when a woman is too intoxicated to consent or object.

A similar story happened with an Olympic skcater Pasha Grishuk in Orange County.

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According to HULIQ Grishuk felt very ill and strange during the dinner. She found the partially dissolved pill at the bottom of the wine glass and was taken to the local hospital. Jim told me that Pasha was smart enough to give the pill to the deputies. She was dragged at least two times, once in a lunge and once in the restaurant.

While the investigation is in process we would like inform that teens and young women be extra careful and watchful not to fall in such a trap that Pasha Grishuk did accidentally.

An article published in FDA's website says that GHB is a clear danger.

"GHB was first synthesized in 1960 and, before its harmful potential became known, was sold at health food stores as a dietary supplement. In the '80s, GHB was popular among bodybuilders because of its supposed ability to release a growth hormone and stimulate muscle growth.

"But in 1990, based on more than 30 reports of GHB-linked illness, FDA declared the product unsafe and illegal except in the carefully controlled environment of agency-approved drug studies. Still today, however, GHB continues to be illegally promoted, not just for inducing an uninhibited high and for building muscles, but also for combating depression, aiding sleep, and fostering weight loss."

GHB is the drug used in Pasha Grishuk's intoxication attempt.