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Expert Alert - Too cool For school?

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Whether you're sending your little one off to kindergarten, or heading back to university, the "back-to-school" season can bring about certain anxieties, especially when it comes to health. No matter your age, factors such as allergies, bullying and learning disabilities can all detract from a good education. CIHR-funded experts are available to comment on back-to-school health-related issues.


Not into story-time? Reading disabilities can be linked to your genes
Dr. Maureen Lovett and Dr. Cathy Barr, CIHR-funded researchers at the Toronto Western Research Institute

University culture or trying to fit in? What causes undergraduate drinking behaviours?
Dr. Andree Demers, CIHR-funded researchers at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Toronto)

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Is peanut allergy on the rise?
Dr. Ann Clarke, CIHR-funded researchers at McGill University (Montreal)

Growing up in the information age: How does internet use affect our well-being?
Dr. Jennifer Shapka, CIHR-funded researcher at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver)

The best lunch ever - Preventing obesity and getting some energy too!
Dr. Carrie L. Matteson, Simon Fraser University (British Columbia)

These streets are made for walking? Environmental influences on children traveling to school
Dr. Jason Andrew Gilliland, CIHR-funded researcher at the University of Western Ontario (London)

Get those hearts pumping! A physical activity program for students in grade 5 to 8
Dr. Mark Lemstra, CIHR-funded researcher at the Saskatoon Health Region (Saskatchewan)

Don't know where to go after high school? What about a career in health research?
Dr. Arthur Slutsky, CIHR-funded researcher at the St. Michael's Hospital (Toronto) and Dr. Frederic Charron, CIHR-funded researcher at the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal.