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Great Ways For Teens To Stay Fit

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It's time to think about fun ways to get fit, says Natasha Darras, 17, a rising star on the high school golf circuit in southern California.

Aside from practicing golf and competing in tournaments, I am constantly doing a variety of things that help me stay in shape and have fun, says Natasha.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Try Hula Hooping. It will bring you back to even-younger years and remind you what fun it can bring. Hula Hoop while watching your favorite music videos on TRL and CMT. It gets you pumped to keep going. Have your friends time how long you can keep the hula hoop up and you'll be surprised at the workout you get. In no time, your stomach, thighs and glutes will be in shape.

2. Get your TV ready; plug in Guitar Hero or Rock Band. These two games are fun and exciting. You get extra points for rocking out and being very energetic. Pick your favorite song and get really into it. Pretend you are the artist and are singing to a crowd of thousands, trade off with your friends and have fun. Make some healthy, yet delicious frozen fruit popsicles or sorbets to have after the show.

3. Trampolines are a great way to try new tricks and have a total body workout all at once. Start playing games and doing flips, it is fun and time flies. Play hot potato or popcorn; stay on as long as you can and impress your friends. Use the trampoline a few times a week and watch your body transform.

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4. Have you ever noticed why swimmers are in such good shape? It's because water makes them feel weightless so they can swim for a long period of time. Doing laps in the pool are great for your legs, thighs, even shape your arms and stomach. There are so many different ways to swim; you can constantly change it up! I love to do breaststroke and backstroke because I feel my midsection working. Backstroke gives me a rush because I'm upside down and that is really fun, says Natasha.

5. Turn on your favorite music videos and dim the lights have a dance party! Dancing is such an awesome way to bond with your friends. Depending on how you dance, it will show people a different side of your personality. There are endless possibilities of dance styles and music to rock out with, so choose a new one each week.

6. Every big city and small town has a park or trail to walk and jog on. It is really relaxing to go for a walk. You don't need to do anything too strenuous, like a long run, just walk. Make a playlist on your iPod that will keep you pumped up and walk for an hour three times a week, it'll clear your mind while getting great exercise.

7. Belly dancing tones your stomach so well, it's amazing. Since there are many forms to choose from, there is definitely one for you. Belly dancing is all about poise, balance and flexibility, if you don't have grace walking into the class, you will when you walk out. It is a great way to tone your stomach and learn an ancient form of dancing.

8. Go Ice-skating! Ice rinks are a great place to meet your friends, have fun and lose weight at the same time. It is fun to get all bundled up, put on your warm clothes and to go to the rink. They always have the newest music playing, so start a train on the ice and dance to your favorite song. It won't even feel like exercise.

9. Plug your boxing game into your Nintendo Wii, and start fighting. It's incredible how many character options there are, choose your favorite boxer, or create yourself and get out those gloves. Your friends had better watch out, because you'll have so much energy. It's crazy! Pretend you are really into the fight and be totally energetic. See how your body can perform as you keep running up on the levels, pretty soon you'll be a pro.

10. No doubt about it ... going to a concert is my favorite way to work out! I'm talking about the concerts you can dance your heart out to and sing along with until you've lost your voice. My personal favorite is seeing the Jonas Brothers. They are such great performers. You won't sit down, you are guaranteed to dance and sing the entire night. They are incredible and I literally dance for hours. Find your favorite band and do the same, sing your heart out. Dance until you can't dance anymore, and I guarantee it'll be the best workout you've had.



i dont get it i do all theses things u say but they just dont work why?
I know! what the hell?!!
I know! What the hell?!