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Private Therapeutic Residential Programs For Troubled Teens

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Troubled Teens

Aspen Education Group applauds results of nation's first large-scale, multi- year study on private therapeutic residential Programs for troubled teens. Study shows lasting personal and behavioral improvements can be achieved at private therapeutic residential programs.

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Elliot Sainer has issued the following statement in response to the newly released final phase results of the nation's first multi-year, large-scale clinical study on the effectiveness of private therapeutic residential programs for struggling adolescents:

"Aspen Education Group is extremely pleased to learn of the very positive findings from the final phase of our industry's first long-term, multi-year clinical study on the effectiveness of private therapeutic residential programs for adolescents. This is a landmark study that reinforces what we in the therapeutic education industry have believed for some time -- that clinically driven, evidence-based therapeutic programs managed and staffed by licensed and qualified professionals can have a significant, positive impact on troubled adolescents who suffer from behavioral and emotional issues."

"Aspen has long been a champion of this kind of research and was pleased to be able to participate in this study by providing research sites and participants over the course of the last three years. In the coming years, Aspen Education Group will continue to advocatefor new industry research that will further illustrate and promote the best practices and methodologies that will enhance our industry's abilities to produce positive and long-lasting results in adolescent therapeutic education."