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Teen Driving Watch Puts The Brakes On Reckless Teen Driving

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Teen Driving Safety

If you are driving and see a police car in your rearview mirror, what do you do? Most of us immediately check to make sure we are following the rules of the road. It's just human nature to change our behavior to avoid a negative consequence, such as a ticket. A program called Teen Driving Watch uses that powerful motivator to get teens to drive safely.

Teen Driving Watch works by letting teen drivers know that their behavior behind the wheel is being monitored, not just by police officers, but by the entire community. As one law enforcement officer put it, Teen Driving Watch is "Neighborhood Watch on Wheels." Any member of the community who observes a teen driving recklessly can simply call the Teen Driving Watch Hotline, enter the unique ID number assigned to that teen's car, and leave a voice message about the teen's behavior. All calls are anonymous.

The message, exactly as it was recorded, is forwarded to the parents of the teen driver in seconds. Because parents hear the actual recording of the message about their teen's behavior, they can make their own judgment about the seriousness of the issue and the credibility of the caller.

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A unique advantage of the Teen Driving Watch Parental Notification System is that its quick response (in generally less than 10 seconds) allows a parent to call their teen's cell phone and intervene when the reckless driving behavior is actually occurring.

If the parent's phone is busy or is not answered, the notification system will leave a recorded message and call other numbers provided by the parent. In addition, the message is transmitted over the Web as an audible "attachment" to the email addresses, also provided by the parent.

Law enforcement officers say they like Teen Driving Watch because, if minor infractions occur, it allows them to use their cell phones to send a warning message directly to the parents of the teen driver knowing that it will be transmitted in seconds.

Another feature law enforcement officer's welcome is the option for Teen Driving Watch bumper sticker to help them identify provisional drivers at a distance . This supports enforcement of new Graduated Drivers License laws that are in force in many states.

Jim Rogenmoser, President of Teen Driving, says, "Our goal is simple: