Post-Pregnancy Exercise With A Strollometer

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Strollometer - Mother Jogging With a Child

Mothers after pregnancy and childbirth are concerned about exercise and weight loss, and while the time does not permit them doing so this Strollometer is just the tool to empower them by doing what they already do, walk their child with a stroller.


You have heard the saying that "Knowledge is Power." This Strollometer, which is only the size of a watch, is attached to your baby's stroller and tells you how fast you walk, how long your stroll, the outside temperature, average speed, your maximum speed and much more.

The Strollometer's website has a very good example about the Strollometer showing the outside temperature. You walk in the restaurant and suddenly realize it's very cold inside. You look at your Strollometer, attached to your baby's stroller and see that it's 45 degrees F. Yeap, it's time to pool that blanket.

The Strollometer is a parent-invented device created by a jogger mom. It fits any baby stroller including traditional, all-terrain and jogging. The Strollometer Stroller Pedometer straps easily and securely onto handlebars or wheels; made of plastic and rubber.