Flip Flop May Cause Serious Leg Pain

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Flip flops are the latest scourge to hit our mean streets. According to a report by American College of Sports Medicine, the innocent looking flip flop is creating havoc for wearers everywhere. Causing leg pain across the US (the problem has something to do with the way we grab the middle part with our toes) the shoes simply don't give much support and we paying for it.


I was never a big flip flop wearer until I moved to California where everyone seems to wear them year round. In the past, I was only an occasional wearer of the rubber shoes, mostly on the beach or on vacation somewhere. When we moved out west, I discovered that people (mostly women) wore them with everything at all times of the day and night. With jeans, shorts, skirts, whatever. So, I bought a pair of hot pink Havaianas (the trendy brand) and joined the crowd. Why not? They're comfortable, cheap, replaceable and obviously stylish.

I never bought into the $100 rhinestone-encrusted ones. Those just seemed a little too pricey for what was ultimately the same thing my grandparents used to wear in the 1950s. I will take my chances with my cheap, rubber friends.

Thus far, I haven't noticed any lasting damage or leg pain and, is there anything easier when you are running out the door then to put your feet into a pair of flip flops? No straps, no ties and no heels. Just you, your feet and a skinny rubber sole against the world.



Come on folks - they are meant as shower shoes. I live in Boston, and every young women seems to be wearing them - I have seen at least two tumble headfirst down stairs after blowing out their flip flop and one came close to falling off the platform and landing on the 3rd rail. Take life seriously. It is a dangerous world. Wear closed toed shoes. Consider buying non-slip shoes (i.e. Shoes for Crews or Crocs). I love wearing SFC shoes - I never think twice about crossing a mopped floor or whether I will slip on a shiny new marble floor. I offer a guess here that the current economic downturn will result in the death of "bed head" and other exaggerated casual fashions. When one is worried about finding a job, looking adult and professional is cool.