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Lower Your Newborn's Chance of SIDS and Interrupted Sleep By Choosing the Right Mattress

mattress for infants

New parents often overlook the importance of choosing the right crib and mattress for their newborn. The wrong combination can lead to SIDS and sleepless nights filled with crying. Follow these tips to help protect your baby and also so that your whole family can have uninterrupted sleep and not have to calm a crying baby.

Using Food as Reward Could Promote Obesity

food as reward could promote obesity

You see it quite often: parents who give their young children food (cookies, candy, chips) as a reward, a treat, an incentive to stop bad behavior, or to ease a bruised knee or other pain. Researchers from several universities in the United Kingdom have found that parents who use food in stressful or emotional situations may be setting their children up for emotional eating later in life, a practice that can result in overweight or obesity.

Do Your Adult Children Perceive Your Support as "Conflicted"?


Every parent will support their child or children into old age, but when there seem to be strings attached, the relationship becomes strained and conflicted. As parents, we will help them financially, emotionally, physically and any other way that will ensure our investment in their future pays off. Every parent, social butterfly or old grouch, wants his or her child to succeed.