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Parents Teach Their Children How To Avoid Being Abducted

National and local news reports of attempted child abductions have increased child safety concerns among parents and the general community. To help parents protect their children through education, the Marion County Health Department has created an educational video using real-life situations to help school-aged children reduce their risk of being abducted.

Through the health department's violence prevention program, "Safety Moves" presents eight scenes to help children learn ways to identify potentially dangerous situations.

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Highlighting Risks Of Not Breast-Feeding 'Toned Down'

HHS campaign that aired advertisements promoting breast-feeding from 2003 to 2005 was "toned down" after formula industry representatives hired lobbyists to influence the department.Breast-Feeding

An HHS campaign thataired advertisements promoting breast-feeding from 2003 to 2005 was"toned down" after formula industry representatives hired lobbyists toinfluence the department, the Washington Post reports.

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Back-To-School Brings Germs, Parental Worries

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer causes parents and teachers to pause.Pencils, crayons, sandwich bags, and hand sanitizer -- all are typical supplies found on many back-to-school lists. But one item on that list may cause parents and teachers to pause. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer and accidental ingestion of the product have been the subject of recent news reports, highlighting the need for parental supervision.

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Parents Getting Control Of Their Children's Exposure To Sex And Violence In Media

Even as the media environment continues to change, parents say they are getting control of their own children's exposure to sex and violence in the media, but they remain concerned about inappropriate content in the media more broadly.

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Pennsylvania Department Of Public Welfare Reminds New Parents About 'Safe Haven' Law

Pennsylvania expectant parents and parents of newborns reminded that Pennsylvania's Safe Haven law allows them to legally and confidentially turn over unwanted infants up to 28 days old to any hospital as an alternative to abandonment.

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Fertility Specialists Caution Would-Be Fathers Of Internet Fallacies

Fertility specialists are cautioning Indiana men striving to become first-time fathers to wade carefully through an abundance of mis-information about male fertility -- fueled in part by an explosion of Internet tips.

"The Internet is a great resource to learn about fertility," said Laura Reuter, M.D., medical director of Midwest Fertility Specialists, the largest single group of reproductive endocrinologists in Indiana. "However, it's also an unending source of urban myths and half-truths, which may be counterproductive to couples attempting to start families."

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