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Parenting to Teenagers

Homebasics ( asked moms from all over Canada for their secret tips and tricks for gaining the respect and love of their teenaged daughters. And while we can't promise she'll return to her doting six-year-old self, we can spare you a few of those withering looks. Who knows, she might even start walking next to you at the mall.

Do keep an eye on the media your daughter is consuming - celebrity magazines, TV shows, music videos - and take note of how her "role models" are dressing, how they are styling their hair. Surprise her with an item or two she'll truly love, which will let her know you're paying attention to her interests and aren't completely out of touch.

Don't dress like a teenager yourself. Nothing is less cool than a 42-year-old woman who dresses like she's 15. Especially when that woman also happens to be your mother. Gross.


Do plan a fun outing just for the two of you. She may roll her eyes at the suggestion, but she's more likely to open up when no one's watching. Pick an activity that gives you the opportunity to interact, like pedicures followed by a fancy lunch.

Don't try to be her best friend, which will lead her to expect a life without limits. Above all, your daughter needs you to be a consistent adult and will respect you for abiding by the generational boundaries.

Do make offers to help her out, even when those offers aren't accepted. Whether it's a homework assignment or hairstyling tip, the more often you let her know you're available, the more likely she is to take you up on it.

Don't take it personally when she shuts you out. This is a hard one, but like most things in life, it's all about timing. Don't give up trying for fear of being rejected, because you never know when you'll catch her at a moment when she's open to your counsel.

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