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Child Monitoring System Informs If Your Child's Left In Car

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Child Monitoring System

A Dallas based company has created a device called a Child Monitoring system, which is designed to help parents not leave their children in a vehicle.

Baby Alert International said there are about 35 hot car deaths a year in the United States and that is the reason why the company invented the Child Minder System. "Some people say, how could a parent forget a child in the car, but I know it's so easy," said Jocelyn Spears of Baby Alert International.

With the Child Minder System a smart pad and controller box is placed in the child's car seat. The child's weight activates the system then and if the parent turns off the car and walks away the key ring alarm unit alerts the parents the child is still inside. "It's just a constant beep like a truck backing up," Spears said.

A Passive Child Safety Seat Monitoring System

The Child 'Minder® system passively monitors your child while in the child safety seat upon fastening the smart clip. The smart clip communicates with the key ring alarm unit attached to the parent/caregiver's automotive key ring to actively monitor the child in the child safety seat. If the smart clip is activated, or fastened, an alarm will sound when the parent/caregiver walks (15) meters or more from the motor vehicle.

The Child 'Minder child monitoring system should greatly reduce the opportunity for a child to be inadvertently left unattended in a motor vehicle while fastened in a child safety seat. The smart clip is deactivated upon unfastening.

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* The Child 'Minder® system performs a self-test upon each use to insure its proper functioning.

* The Child 'Minder® system reminds the parent/caregiver when the parent/caregiver has moved more than 15 meters from the child in the child safety seat.

* The Child 'Minder® system even serves to remind the parent/caregiver of the child's presence even when the parent/caregiver has inadvertently forgotten the key ring unit by playing nursery rhymes until the smart clip is deactivated.

* The Child 'Minder® system installation takes less than three minutes. Simply replace your child's safety seat chest clip with the Child 'Minder® system's smart clip and place the key ring alarm unit on your automotive key ring.

* The Child 'Minder® system will not compromise the integrity your existing child safety seat.

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This page is updated on March 15, 2013



Unfortunately...the safety seat manufacturers will not approve of the removal of the chest clip they designed for their seats...in fact, many manufacturers prohibit using any parts, equipment or replacement pieces they did not design to be used on their seats. By removing the original chest clip and replacing it with the Child Minder chest clip - you will void the warranty of the seat, you assume all liability if the seat is involved in a crash - and it is agiainst some state laws that requires all seats to be used according to the manufacturer's instructions.