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Vicks Forehead Non-Invasive Thermometer

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Vicks Forehead Thermometer

Parents sometimes have difficult time to check the temperature of their small children. It may be because you the thermometers sometimes are somewhat invasive and children don't know what they are and what they do. Perhaps Vicks forehead non-invasive thermometer may come to help as it checks the temperature by putting it on forehead.

The Vicks Forehead Thermometer provides parents with a non-invasive way to take their child's temperature. To obtain a reading, the parent scans the thermometer's sensor from the child's temple to the mid-forehead. It uses the heat from the temporal artery to assess the temperature under the skin more comfortably and quickly than other thermometers.

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The display provides color-coded results that eliminate guesswork; a green background indicates a normal temperature, yellow means a mildly elevated temperature and a red background indicates there is a fever.

Vicks Forehead Thermometer is the fourth in the Vicks Life Stages series of thermometers, which provide design-driven solutions based on the different temperature-taking anatomical zones of the body.

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This page is updated on March 15, 2013