Site Offers Parents New Sex Education Technique

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Your kids are doing it and you can't stop them! That's a fact that most parents still can't catch up with. However, now there is new help for both sides. The new video web site has combined expert classroom education with parental involvement at home to come up with a new and more effective way to educate teens and pre-teens about puberty and sex.

When it comes to sex, teens are getting in more and more trouble with every generation, from early teen pregnancies to a startling number of teens with venereal diseases, and everything in between. Multiple studies have been conducted to expose the alarming statistics, including the recent study by the Centers for Disease Control that suggested that 25 percent of American teenage girls have an STD.


It is generally accepted that the only way to prevent these alarming numbers from going any further is to educate kids about the topic. If parents don't, kids' friends and MTV will -- and that's what probably got us here in the first place. Much like math or science, sex education should be taught by a professional but also in combination with parental help and guidance at home.

However, most parents are still just as uncomfortable with an idea of talking to their kids about "the birds and the bees" as their parents were when the roles were reversed. In addition to that, due to a lack of federal funding as a result of Bush Administration policies, most school education programs preach "abstinence only," which is just another way to avoid the issue.'s creator Alex Guberman is hoping to change that. Guberman has found himself in a situation similar to that of millions of parents trying to figure out when, where and how to talk to their kids about the changes that they're just about to face and, most important, to prevent them from getting in trouble as a result of those changes.

The video course, hosted by Planned Parenthood certified sex educator Jennifer Devine, covers most important issues, from hygiene, hormones and body changes to masturbation, pregnancies and periods. Parents have a choice of customizing the program for their own child by selecting the video clips that they want their kids to see and excluding the ones they don't. The web site can be used for parents to watch on their own as a guide for their private conversation with the kids, watch it with the kids together, or to just have kids go over it at their own pace and in their own comfort zone.