Parents and Schools Should Block Miss Bimbo Game

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A website based game called Miss Bimbo targets innocent children and attracts them about breast implants, pills, plastic surgeries and other celebrity-embraced points that are not appropriate for children who don't know the difference about games and real life.


Normally in our Parenting column we publish news stories that are related to the health of children and what tips can parents use to further improve the health and well being of their children. However this story is more like an alert to parents about a website for young girls starting at age 9 called Miss Bimbo game, which already has 200,000 children signed up in UK, attracted widespread condemnation and outraged many parents.

The point of Miss Bimbo game is to make child's doll more attractive including buying breast implants, pills and anything that would make a celebrity look nicer.

While Miss Bimbo looks



i am a 10 year old girl with a friend that is 9 we think miss bimbo is a idiotic website that 1 needs blocking and 2 is damaging young peoples brains and the way they think about themselves.