Helping Parents Overcome 'Fever Fear Factor'

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For many new parents, taking their little one's temperature can be a scary situation. In fact, knowing how to correctly take and interpret a temperature are important skills every new parent needs to learn to help care for their child at the first sign of illness. This cold and flu season, Vicks and Braun offer reliable, easy to use thermometers to help parents overcome the "fever fear factor."


Ear thermometer measurements are preferred by most parents because they are gentle, easy and fast. However, most ear thermometers will vary between measurements, leading to a misconception that ear thermometers are not accurate. But not all ear thermometers are created equal. The Braun ThermoScan ExacTemp Ear Thermometer is the fastest and most accurate way to take an ear temperature measurement -- even in the middle of the night with a sick, fidgety child. This advanced thermometer features patented ExacTemp technology, a heated tip and positioning guidance system used by pediatricians and hospitals worldwide. Proven more accurate than rectal and temple measurements, the Braun ThermoScan ExacTemp Ear Thermometer is the ideal choice for first-time parents.

Temperature taking can often be a daunting task for new parents who don't have experience interpreting the meaning of their child's temperature. Vicks digital Fever InSight Thermometers feature a large color-changing display to help parents know when fevers are getting better or worse at a glance. Taking accurate readings in as little as 8 seconds, the Vicks SpeedRead InSight Thermometer and Vicks ComfortFlex InSight Thermometer even feature a memory recall to help parents track the progression of their child's fever. For use orally, rectally or under the arm, these thermometers are waterproof for easy cleaning, feature a convenient backlight for middle-of-the-night readings, and include a portable protective case so parents can always be prepared, even on-the-go.

"Understanding accurate temperature taking and how to interpret a temperature is critical for all parents, especially new ones," said Dr. Steven Pray of Southwestern Oklahoma State University's College of Pharmacy. "A reliable thermometer is an essential tool for parents to know when it's important to call their primary caregiver."

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