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Web Experience For Moms

Of the 32 million moms online in the United States, they are on average spending 86 minutes per day communicating, networking, sharing information and offering guidance and support.

A key component to facilitating this mom-to-mom wisdom: social media. According to recent insights from BabyCenter, LLC 18 percent of its most engaged moms online are reading blogs, 12 percent are authoring them, 56 percent are sharing photos, and 14 percent are sharing videos, as well as conversing in groups or pairs to connect with others with similar interests.

"Advances in social media have given moms the ability to meet, connect and share with other moms in a way like never before," said Tina Sharkey, Global President and Chairman, BabyCenter. "Networking sites, communities and blogs have created the digital space where conversation is constant, engaging, and interactive, 24/7."


As the leading online resource for new and expectant parents, BabyCenter knows what matters most to moms online. Reaching more than 4 million unique visitors per month (comScore Media Metrix, March 2007), BabyCenter has a ten-year legacy steeped in providing moms with industry- leading prenatal and parenting information and resources, and will look at social media as a way to engage the new audience of moms online and give them the tools to create the most interactive, unique and personalized experience possible.

To help lead these efforts, BabyCenter is pleased to announce the arrival of Judith Meskill. The first appointment to the BabyCenter executive team under the leadership of Global President and Chairman, Tina Sharkey, Meskill will join as Vice President of Programming, Social Media Officer. In this role she will be responsible for the development and implementation of the company's social media strategy.

Judith Meskill, an internet evangelist who believes in leveraging the power of shared wisdom and knowledge, enthuses, "BabyCenter offers the ideal environment to knit content, commerce and community together in a way that empowers audience and engages advertisers. I am over the top about this opportunity to take the best that the internet has to offer and weave it into the fabric of trust that exists at BabyCenter."

Meskill was previously with Weblogs, Inc., an AOL company, where she was General Manager, responsible for the operations and development of the business. As one of the first bloggers at Weblogs, Meskill managed its editorial direction and drove the growth of its bloggers from less than 40 to more than 160 in a little over one year.