Natural Cleaning Products Can Protect Your Family

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Natural Cleaning Products Can Protect Your Family from... Suffering from the Misuse of Harmful Housecleaning Products \n


It's your choice: Natural Cleaning Products or Synthetic
Cleaning Products. Your families' health and safety or
accidental poisoning.

While you muse on that thought, answer the following

Have you ever taken the time to read the labels on the
packaging of the cleaning products you use? Do you ever
wondered how these cleaning products affect your family when
you use them to clean the dishes or floors, or to deodorize
a room to mask unpleasant scents?

When I looked at the label of some of the cleaning products
I used, I saw words like:

Ammonia - which is fatal when swallowed;

Chlorine - I found out that this is the number one cause of
poisonings in children;

Trichloroethane - which damages the kidneys and liver;

Butoxyethanol - this solvent can absorb through the skin and
poison your blood liver and kidneys.

This list of toxic ingredients found in common cleaning
products is very long, even longer is the list of negative
effects to your health and your families' health.


To protect your family you must be consistently vigilant
about keeping these poisons locked up and away from your

You must make sure that your child is a safe distance away
when you're cleaning with these chemicals to prevent them
from dipping tiny fingers and tasting the stuff you poured
into the bucket to clean the floors.

The best solution to get rid of this constant threat to the
good health of your family is simple. Remove these harmful
cleaning chemicals from your home and replace them with all
natural cleaning products with essential oils.

Natural Cleaning Products Are Safe For Your Family...
And Do Not Harm The Environment

The all natural cleaning products with essential oils which
I use now, contain ingredients such as

-citrus based oils
-ingredients from corn, like citric acid
-amphoteric detergent made from coconut and palm kernel oil
-soy bean oil

Because the ingredients in these cleaning products are
natural, you don't have to worry about you and your family
suffering from the misuse of natural cleaning products or
harming the environment because all ingredients are

In fact these natural ingredients are non
toxic, they breakdown into harmless natural elements and
don't contain suspected carcinogens.

Are You Using Natural Cleaning Products Yet? Thrown Out
Those Harmful Cleaning Chemicals Yet?


Fayola Peters is the editor of Housecleaning Tips
You will be 60 minutes away from your ideal clean home.

Fayola Peters