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Will COVID-19 Kids Dumb Down From Learning at Home? New Study Recommends Adding This to Their Curriculum.

A lost skill once taught at schools may be needed after all says study.

You had to learn this when you were a kid, but not children today. Here’s one recommendation from a study that puts the analog “R” back in the 3 R’s of basic education that you can do with your children while learning from home.

Study Reveals a Surprisingly Healthy COVID-19 Activity for Social Distancing

I found an E-cigarette in my 16 y/o's Room. Should I be worried about Vaping?

What should parents do when they discover teens vaping e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes were invented in 2003 in China by a Chinese Pharmacist named Li Chak, and have spread to every corner of the Globe. Sales in the United States have increased exponentially. Common age of the first e-cigarette in America is often adolescence; 15-16 years. The addition of various flavors and other additives make the e-cigarette highly attractive and marketable to youth. Unlike cigarettes, tobacco, and other tobacco related products, current FDA restrictions allow unfettered access to e-cigarettes.

Probiotics: Are They as Good as is Claimed


In childhood, recurrent abdominal pain in children is a common complaint. The reason behind it is what needs further investigation as it affects approximately 10% of children. It is a descriptive umbrella term and accounts for many visits to primary, secondary, and emergency care facilities. It is now referred to as one of four functional abdominal pain disorders; dyspepsia, abdominal migraine, irritable, bowel syndrome and functional abdominal pain. One thing most parents need to keep in mind is when was the last time the child had a bowel movement. This author pointed out that there are many conditions of abdominal pain that require no intervention. Routine use of pharmacotherapy for functional abdominal pain is not well supported or suggested. In fact, in some cases, medications can mask the signs and symptoms needed to monitor for a more serious condition. It is felt some doctors will prescribe probiotics just so the parents will feel something is being done in a condition that needs no treatment at the time and will be sell limiting (Edwards, 2018).

Sextortion, Sexting, and Human Trafficking

human trafficing

The online world can be a dangerous environment especially if we are not aware of its danger. it has become a powerful weapon in the hands of criminals and the technology developments have created an unlimited market for them. Unfortunately, without geographical limits, human trafficking can develop at ease in different, new forms. this makes it harder for perpetrators to be identified and prosecuted. The forms of exploration are more and more diverse and recruitment methods are also subtle and intelligent. Up to now, traffickers use brutal force to recruit their victims. Now this force has changed to manipulation and persuasive tactics advanced marketing and management strategies with superior informatics. The criminals constantly update their methods and so should we. We need to start incorporating the changes in the online world and use them as a basis to protect ourselves and our families. We are the solution if you suspect trafficking don't turn your head get involved (Humelnicu, 2017).

Winning Tactics For Avoiding Summer Learning Loss

Summer Learning Loss

As kids head back to school, most parents share a common worry. Will my child be up to speed with their peers? “Brain drain” is a common phenomenon that takes its toll on many, if not most, children during the warm, hazy summer months. Thanks to summer programs offered by the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), parents will no longer have to worry because these programs will keep their child’s brain sharp! Teachers also can take a deep breath because the lessons they worked so hard to instill will not evaporate. Together parents and teachers can use these programs to stem the tide of summer learning loss!

What Condition Was Most Searched on Google in 2018? The Answer May Surprise You!

Google searching autism

We are all guilty of it-Googling different conditions and symptoms to see what is going on with us instead of calling our doctor. After all, healthcare is expensive in the US and we want to know if our simple cough could indicate a more serious problem or if it is just that- a simple cough. The problem is, when you start googling your symptoms you can end up convincing yourself of some pretty bad things. In minutes we become hypochondriacs’; however, knowing what is most popularly Googled in your given state can give you a good idea of what is ultimately going on in said state.

Making Trips to the Dentist with Your Autistic Child Successful Ones

human teeth

It’s something all parents must deal with many times over the course of their child’s life. The dreaded dentist appointments! Whether your child has Autism or not this can be a daunting task. A lot of children and adults fear the dentist; when you add Autism into the mix it can make the appointment near impossible if you aren’t prepared for it. There are some steps you can take before, during and after the appointment to make the experience a pleasant one for your child and for yourself.

Increasing Numbers of Parents of Autistic Children are Concerned About P.A.N.D.A.S/P.A.N.S; but What is it?

Brook and his Autistic Son

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are part of a broad spectrum of neurodevelopmental disorders known as Pervasive Developmental Disorders, with Classic Autism being the hallmark of the conditions. These occur in childhood and carry on through adulthood. ASD’s are widely characterized by a range of impairments in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and the presence of restricted and repetitive stereotyped behaviors.

The Brain Folds of Children with Autism are Different from those of Neurotypical Children, Per MRIs

Doctor's office for autism children

We all know that Autism is a complex disorder; just how complex of a disorder is starting to emerge all thanks to growing research studies being published and an increased interest from different Universities across the world. One discovery published recently and backed up by two separate studies digs deep down to the core differences of the brain in people with Autism and the changes that occur in these individual’s brains as they age.

Helping Your Autistic Child Work Through Their Fear of Storms

Autistic children and fear of storms

We all know that when summer approaches so do those summer storms. You know the ones with lightening, thunder and black outs. Many of us parents of Autistic and special needs children find that our children are especially scared of storms. Their fears overtake them and sometimes it becomes too much and they meltdown. Nothing is worse than a meltdown, at night, when you have candles lit, it is storming, and you have no power. Here are some great pointers for how to calm your child during the storm seasons, or really to help you work your Autistic child through any fear.

Raising an Autistic Child When You Have a Mental Illness

Brooke Price and her autistic son

Being the mother of an Autistic child is challenging. When you are a parent that also has a mental illness along with it, it makes it even harder. You must be aware of your emotions always. Whether you have depression, Bipolar Disorder or something else- your emotions likely run your life at times. It is just as important to learn your triggers to successfully raise your child as it is to learn your child’s triggers when dealing with Autism. I, myself, am a mother who is raising two Autistic children and happen to have mental illnesses.

Autism and Death: How to Prepare Your Autistic Child for the Death of a Loved One

Mourning and Autistic children

When we parents of Autistic children make detailed preparations for our children growing up we make sure they can perform the basic functions needed to survive, if possible; and, we often prepare for what will happen to them if something happens to us. What about the other people they will lose throughout their lives though. Do we adequately prepare them for that? Often, we don’t prepare our children for the death of loved ones in advance. Seeing as though death is an uncomfortable topic of conversation for many people we may avoid bringing the topic up until the unfortunate event where we have lost someone that we love. This is also true for “normal” kids as well. We often just don’t prepare them well enough. With Autism the preparation is more readily required for basic functioning after the fact though.

Man Diagnosed with Autism as an Adult says it can be a Motivational and Inspirational Diagnosis

Autism Awareness interview 1200x900 size

When we think about Autism we often exclude the adults that have it. Many of whom are just now being diagnosed as adults because Autism wasn’t widely diagnosed or understood when they were younger. 30 plus years ago we knew little about Autism, with the diagnostic rate sitting at 1 in 10,000 in the 1980s. In the nineties, prevalence was 1 in 2500 and later in the 1990s it sat at 1 in 1000. Now the rate sits at 1 in 59. So tonight, I decided to go back to my roots. You see, I started writing for emaxhealth by doing interviews with parents of Autistic children. So, I took some time tonight and sat down to interview an adult with Autism that I know. One that was diagnosed as an adult and has children with Autism. A person that is very near and dear to me.

Treatment Choices for Autism: Medications Vs. The DAN! Approach

Autism Pills

Every parent of an Autistic child will at some point have to do their research on what kind of treatment options they want to use for their child; whether they will use medications or choose a DAN! Doctor instead is a big one that comes up with each family. There is a difference between DAN! Doctors and the regular doctor that treats Autism. Their beliefs tend to sway in opposite directions. Regular Autism Specialists leaning more towards medicating for the treatment of Autism, DAN! Doctors always leaning towards using no prescribed medications.

Do Video Games Harm Autistic Children or Are They Beneficial?

Video games and harming autistic children

If your kids are anything like my kids, they love video games. So much so that they will even watch other people playing video games on Youtube. (A practice I implore you as parents to monitor, a lot of youtubers are inappropriate. Even the Minecraft Videos are largely filled with adult banter) I often question whether playing video games is good for my children given the fact that they have Autism.

Learning To Find The Beauty In The Fears Of Raising Autistic Children

As a parent we are never prepared for the uncertainties that come along with raising our children. I remember the day that I found out that I was pregnant with my oldest son. I was 18 and I assume that the fears that flooded in were mostly normal trepidations, but still doubts nonetheless. I feared that I wouldn’t be a good mother, that I wouldn’t be able to provide the right guidance for him. I feared the absolute colossal upheaval my life was about to go through.

The Infamous Autism Cause Debates: Where Do You Stand?

Autism puzzle piece

The “cause” debates are some of the hottest topics in the world of Autism. It seems that parents of Autistic children, scientists and Autistic adults are all at odds as to the cause of Autism and whether finding the causes is responsible or necessary. Almost everybody eventually joins a side in these debates, it is hard to stay out of them. Once a person’s mind is made up often they hold these beliefs close to their heart and it is impossible to sway them to any other way of thinking, I.e. vaccines causing or not causing Autism. Debates over causes have been known to get heated quickly.

The Difference in Autism Prevalence Rates Between Boys and Girls: Is it a Lack of Accurate Testing or Is There A Genetic Component To It?

Autism research

We all know that Autism seems to be more prevalent in boys than it is in girls. Most sources put the sex ratio in Autism at 4-to-1. Meaning that for every 4 Autistic boys there is 1 Autistic girl. But what leads to this difference? Is it a genetic component or are the major tools we are using to diagnose our Autistic individuals essentially rigged and unable to accurately differentiate between male and female subjects; leading to lower diagnosis in females than is accurate.

Advice From the Mother of Two Autistic Boys: Learn to Forgive Yourself as a Parent and Human

Advice from the Mother of two autistic boys

Today was one for the books. I had an Autism specialist appointment for both of my children today. My youngest son was re-diagnosed with Autism and treatment started at this appointment. He is 11 years old, and I am feeling immense guilt over the amount of time it took to get him diagnosed correctly; it occurred to me that there may be many parents out there going through the same guilt that I am right now. It seems we are always being own harshest critics and our own worst enemies.

Autism and the Risk of Wandering/Elopement

Brooke Price with her Autistic son

Elopement is a very common problem with Autistic children and can start out of nowhere, without any prior incidents or warnings that it is going to happen. The wandering behaviors that Autistic children show are like the wandering behaviors that we see in the Alzheimer’s community. Wandering and elopement behaviors in children and adults with autism have led to countless tragedies across the country. There are things you can do to lower your risks of a tragedy. Being aware that it is a real problem is the first step to fighting it.

Using Occupational Therapy as a Treatment for Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder

As the mother of an Autistic teenager with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) I have tried just about every therapy and treatment known to man to help my son. Many of these options were started when my son was very small, as early intervention is key to everything with Autism. One of said treatment options that we started is Occupational Therapy (OT).

Using Musical Therapy to Treat Autism

Treating Autism with Musical Therapy

Music has some amazing curative capabilities that happen to be backed by science. Given this, it isn’t surprising that using music as a treatment therapy would be beneficial to an individual on the Autism Spectrum. Music Therapy is a “well-established and risk-free technique” for using musical interaction to help individuals with Autism improve their ability to function.

Autism and The Importance of Speech Therapy

Brook Price with her autistic son

Many people with Autism have major problems with both speech and nonverbal communication. It simply eludes them. My son had obvious issues with speech and nonverbal communication right from the beginning. Being nonverbal until the age of almost 7 years I had to find ways to connect with him outside of speaking, as well as do whatever I could to harness speech within him. It was the most tiring and rewarding task I had with him growing up, I just wanted to hear him speak; wanted him to be social. Furthermore, Autistic individuals may also find it very hard to interact socially. Zain still has social deficits. For these reasons, speech therapy is a central part of treatment for Autism. It was central, and still is central, to my son’s development as he receives speech therapy twice a week.

Autism and Emotional Support Animals: What Is An ESA and What Are The Benefits of Having One?

Brooke Price Family

As my Autistic son grew I yearned for him to make a connection with somebody, anybody. He was nonverbal until he was almost 7 years old and was diagnosed with Severe Autism. It affected him greatly. Not only did it impact his life socially in every way possible; Autism also impacted him cognitively and behaviorally, and still does.

Autism and Picky Eating: What Can You Do As A Parent?

Autism and picky eating

When you live with Autism it seems like you live with an endless supply of whatever food your child has chosen as their preferred “go to food.” Stereotypically, it is chicken nuggets and French fries. In my home we add burgers to that short list. No matter how severe your child’s eating issue is, many parents of children on the Autism Spectrum struggle with their child’s severe eating problems with little or no professional help. I

Diagnosing Autism Through A Series of Tests: Claimed Accurate Results By 9 Months of Age

Diagnosing Autism with Tests

What if an easy and inexpensive test could predict the likelihood of your child developing Autism when performed at well-child appointments starting at the age of 3 months? What if this test performed with 100 percent accuracy? What if I tell you this may be a reality?

The Joys of Raising an Autistic Child

Rising an autistic child

In the world of Autism, we often hear about the depressing and painful parts of raising our kids, rarely do we hear of the wonderful parts of it. Our children are amazing individuals that have countless advances to add to this world as they grow. However, while making a purchase at the store the other day a gentleman asked me what I did for a living - I told him I was a writer and a mother of 2 awesome boys with Autism. His response was that he was “sorry.” He honestly looked me in the eyes and told me that he felt sorrow for me because I have Autistic children. That reopened my eyes to the stigma surrounding Autism and parenting an Autistic child. We hear a lot about Autism throughout April, as it is Autism Awareness Month, now that April is over that doesn’t mean that we should stop spreading the awareness. Let’s start by spreading some awareness to the wonderful parts of our children and our adventures raising them!

Autism and Parental Depression

Brook Price Autism parent

When you think of Autism you often think of the obvious issues that families deal with; the meltdowns, the lack of eye contact and the lack of speech. Very rarely does the general public or the newly diagnosed parents think of the “small” issues that we deal with that often go unspoken of. One such issue is parental depression. Sometimes living the life that we must live leaves us depressed and stressed out. Whether it be from a lack of social communication with other adults or just the feeling of being overwhelmed. It certainly is not easy to be the parent of a child on the Autism spectrum. There are joyous moments, but there is no denying the challenges parents face, and the toll these take. Parents also have to worry about themselves getting sick, fighting for services, sacrificing careers, sinking into debt, and some simply rage at the injustice of it all. Parents grieve. We are allowed to do so. I find myself there right now. The monotony of each day, the meltdowns, the constant doctors’ appointments, the lack of sleep, the lack of understanding by both my family, friends and my son… it all gets to me from time to time and right now is one of those times.