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Exercise and Fitness

Articles about exercise and health, exercise videos and fitness equipment. Studies and research related to fitness and exercise including running, walking, jogging, yoga, resistance training, the latest fitness trends and exercise related news.

Do You Sit All Day? Reverse the Negative Effects with 3 Exercises You Can do at Work

Exercises You Can do at Work

Yes, sitting all day can actually change the shape of your butt! Shocked? Appalled? Did you jump out of your chair when you read that? These 3 exercises can be done at work to maintain a perky behind.

5-minute Energizing Morning Routine to do Before You Get Out of Bed

easy morning exercise

There is a nearly endless supply of morning exercise routines out there, but getting out of bed is the hardest part! Before you even make your coffee, try this short and sweet routine to prepare for the gym, the office, the kids, and anything else on your agenda!

7 Running Tips for Maximum Weight Loss

runnin shoes

Running is one of the best activities for weight loss. If done right, weight loss can be expedited by getting into a running routine. Not a marathon runner yet? Don’t sweat it, no one who is starting out can expect to reach high speeds and high mileage. Just grab a good pair of running shoes and hit the turf.

5 Benefits of Exercise that Aren’t About Weight Loss


While many of us head to the gym or go for a run to start or end the day in an effort to drop some weight, there are many benefits of exercise that have nothing to do with a smaller waist. After reading these 5 benefits, you may just forget about losing weight!

Walking Is So Easy, a Caveman Did it

Walking for Weight loss

Walling is by far one of the easiest and most effective ways to lose weight. It is so easy, a caveman did it. And well, that is pretty much all the caveman did as there were no cars, trains, or planes back then. I can’t imagine too many cavemen (or cavewomen) were overweight, and I am positive this is because of their lifestyle.

Weight Loss Relationship Problems? 8 Reasons Why Losing Weight Together Will Save Your Relationship

weight loss relationship problems and tips

It can take a lifetime to learn everything there is to know about your partner, and even longer to figure out how to respond to them in certain situations. Staying active and enjoying life together is a key component of figuring each other out. Skip this step and things will eventually become a lot more difficult. Here is how weight loss together helps with relationship problems.

5 Steps for Family Spring Training: Fitness and Lifestyle

Spring Fitness Training

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is reminded that pretty soon our baggy clothes and long shirts are going to be replaced with skirts, bathing suits, and tank tops, This time of year tends to remind one that a healthier lifestyle needs to be achieved.

5 really quick workouts for weight loss

Quick workouts for weight loss

Finding time to exercise is a burden for many reasons. The combination of working at a desk and other responsibilities often means no gym time for you. HIIT or high intensity interval exercises that you can do quickly anywhere can help with weight loss and are well worth considering.

How To Lose Weight While Working At Your Desk

Weight loss desk exercise

As our lives have become more sedentary, we find ourselves moving far less than did our ancestors. We no longer have to scavenge each day for food, nor do we have to haul water out of the well and transport the heavy buckets back to the kitchen. For most of us, there is no need to chop down trees and cut up wood to stay warm in the winter. We buy our food from the market, and even worse, the fast food joints found on every corner. The modern conveniences we enjoy today have taken away much of the physical labor required to get the job done.

Get fit, stay fit: Do you have the right fitness tracker for you?

fitness tracker

The variety of fitness trackers on the market today can make it hard to know which one suits your needs. Is there an ideal tracker for biking or running? Does a better app for tracking sleep and other health metrics exist? The following tips about a few of the top fitness trackers on the market can help you pinpoint the right product for you.

Researchers find key to developing consistent exercise habits

fitness tools

One of the most common problems for people who want to exercise more is the inability to stick to a routine and workout on a consistent basis. However, researchers believe they may have found one of the key factors that can help people develop better exercise habits. A new study from Iowa State University reveals that you can focus on specific cues and track them to build better habits.

The 7 physical benefits of taekwondo


When most people think about taekwondo or other martial art disciplines, they typically focus on the self-defense and mental health benefits. However, you do not want to overlook the physical health benefits. Taekwondo offers students of all ages a broad range of health benefits and can contribute to a better overall lifestyle. A few examples of the benefits are below.

Improve Your Mental Alertness and Body Awareness Through Exercise

Exercise and Mental Health

What comes to mind when you hear “benefits of exercise?” Most of us think something along the lines of; weight loss, lose the muffin top, tighten the glutes. Others may be aware of the general health benefits; decrease blood pressure, improve joint mobility, decrease resting heart rate. However, did you realize that you could also improve your mental alertness, body awareness and focus through a quality exercise program?

Avoiding foot injuries during sports

The new year encourages many people to create their list of resolutions, and fitness tends to be at the top. However, starting a new sport or exercise routine can lead to foot injuries if the proper precautions are not taken. There are several easy tips you can follow to prevent injuries, but you should not hesitate to seek help from a podiatrist for serious problems.

Make Your Butt Smaller with This Exercise Trainer Advice

Butt exercise

Is your butt bigger than you like? Do you find that no matter how much you diet that your butt remains the biggest part of your body while the rest of you gets smaller? If so, then here is some help with a glute-focused exercise that can make your butt at least looker smaller and put a smile on your face.

New Popular Weight Loss Exercise Burns More Calories than Running

weight loss exercise

Are you tired of running or jogging for weight loss because of the punishment such jarring exercise takes on your knees, hips and ankles? The good news - according to the August issue of Oxygen magazine - is that a NASA study shows that one new popular type of weight loss exercise is more efficient than running. And better yet, it’s fun and places significantly less stress on your joints.