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Exercise and Fitness

Articles about exercise and health, exercise videos and fitness equipment. Studies and research related to fitness and exercise including running, walking, jogging, yoga, resistance training, the latest fitness trends and exercise related news.

Anti-aging effect of interval exercise we all need to know about

Interval training is anti-aging and especially good over age 65, Mayo study finds.

Mayo Clinic researcher reveals what happens when older people exercise at high intensity intervals. The finding shows aerobic exercise performed in short intervals, known as HIIT, is anti-aging, which is something we all need to know.

3 Exercise Mistakes That Can Cause Plantar Fasciitis

plantar fasciitis, running, exercise

Exercising is great, but sometimes you don't realize you're doing something wrong. Some mistakes are obvious, like lifting too much weight that you can't handle (which can cause hernias and strains.) But other mistakes are not so obvious. Here are some common mistakes that can cause plantar fasciitis.

Burn fat and build muscle with this 40 minute exercise plan

Two short HIIT sessions on a cycle better than more study finds

You want to stay active but don't have time. It's a dilemma we all seem to face. You'll be happy to know researchers have discovered you can burn fat, improve cardiovascular health and build muscle with just two HIIT sprints on a bicycle.

3 Ways to Get Fit When You're Short on Time

short on time

If you're trying to lose weight but are juggling many responsibilities and a stressful week wrought with deadlines, you can still get the same amount of exercise in but in a shorter time. Here are some fitness tips to help you keep up your calorie expenditure during your toughest of weeks.

Weekend Weight Loss Warriors: Now Scientists Say It's Okay

Weekend fitness

If you're trying to lose weight or be healthier for the new year but find that you can't really squeeze daily exercise time into your busy corporate life, scientists are now saying it's okay! They say that it's not about when you exercise, but how you exercise that's important.

Do You Walk Angry? Here Is What May Happen in The Future

When a walk is more than a walk

Walking is a great way to exercise. But did you know that the way you walk might reveal your personality type or how you are feeling? Here’s an interesting tidbit that may cause you to ask yourself, “Do I walk angry?” the next time you step out to burn some calories.