Expanding Mammography Services To Eligible Women In 40s

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Women’s Way, North Dakota’s breast and cervical cancer early detection program, is expanding its services to include screening mammograms for eligible women ages 40 through 49, according to Mary Ann Foss, Women’s Way program director for the North Dakota Department of Health.


Previously, women ages 50 through 64 enrolled in Women’s Way were eligible to receive mammograms. As part of the Department of Health’s 2009-2011 budget, the 2009 Legislative Assembly included additional funding for Women’s Way, which allowed expansion of mammography services to women in their 40s.

“We know that mammograms are a terrific screening tool for detecting abnormalities in the breast,” Foss said. “Expanding our services to include mammograms for eligible women in their 40s will help us detect more cancers in their early stages when they can be treated more successfully. We are so pleased to be able to offer mammograms to more of our clients.” “When it comes to breast cancer, studies show that effective screening can truly save lives,” said First Lady Mikey Hoeven. “Expanding the program will mean earlier detection and, most importantly, earlier treatment for more women who need it.”

Women’s Way helps women who have limited incomes and do not have insurance that covers breast and cervical exams. Women who enroll in Women’s Way usually receive the screening services from the doctor or clinic they select. To find out if they are eligible, women can call 1-800-44 WOMEN. The toll-free call will ring to the local public health office in their area.

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