Ecomotional Supports Breast Cancer Cause

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Ecomotional stands out from a surging market of misleading pink promotions by providing "no strings attached" funding to support the fight against breast cancer.

The goal of Ecomotional is to positively impact the environment, while raising awareness and vital funding for charity partners. By designing promotional totes that eliminate the need for plastic bags, their eco-action message, along with the missions of their charity partners, are spread. Ecomotional achieves goals through innovative marketing and awareness campaigns, along with promotion on their web site, .


Questions have been rising over misleading support from a number of pink merchants. In response, Breast Cancer Action, a national activist organization, developed a critical-questions list to determine the truth behind "pink" marketing and fundraising policies.

Ecomotional founders posed similar questions, and as a result, the company holds no contribution or time caps, ensures ethical materials and promotions, and promises a minimum 40-percent donation to each partner charity.

Ecomotional's featured charity is the Breast Cancer Network of Strength (NOS), "ensur[ing] through information, empowerment and peer support, that no one faces breast cancer alone." In addition to 40 percent of bag profits, a minimum of nearly $8,000 is being guaranteed. Ecomotional will exhibit at the NOS Life in Balance Breast Cancer Survivorship Forum, Nov. 6-8, 2008, in Chicago, Ill.

Ecomotional is an environmentally focused company creating lasting change in the community. By partnering with local organizations, Ecomotional raises "e-wareness," charitable visibility, and creates simple ways to impact the environment and strengthen the cause.