Hong Kong Wholesaler Recalls Drugs

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A spokesman for the Hong Kong Department of Health said that Hind Wing Co. Ltd. (Hind Wing), a licensed wholesaler of pharmaceutical products, had initiated a recall of three products as a precautionary measure.

The products concerned are Apo-amilzide 50/5mg Tablets (Registration number:HK-42186; batch numbers: JD5858, JD 5863 and JD5864), Apo-meloxicam 7.5mg Tablets (Registration number: HK-54749; batch number: JD4927) and Apo-meloxicam 15mg Tablets (Registration number:HK-54750; batch number: JD4930).

Apo-amilzide is a diuretic while Apo-amilzide is indicated for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Both of them are prescription drugs.

The reason of the recall is the suspected non-compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices during the manufacturing of the medicines, which the drug regulatory authority of Canada is investigating, the spokesman said.


"DH is liaising with the drug regulatory authority of Canada for details," he said.

The products have been mainly distributed to private doctors, pharmacies and DH's clinics.

The company has set up a hotline (Tel: 2541 6569) to answer clients' enquiries.

The spokesman said, "Doctors and pharmacists are reminded to stop administering or supplying the concerned batches to their clients.

"Members of the public who are taking the above medicines should consult their doctors."