New Resource For No Side Effect Drugs

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Liddell Laboratories announces a new online resource for OTC drugs that have no negative side effects.

It is important to know that non-toxic drugs are available today as options to successfully treat a wide range of health conditions. Liddell's FDA listed drugs are able to achieve relief without the adverse side effects, such as increased blood pressure, weight gain and drowsiness that have become familiar to so many of us.

While popular drugs can succeed in reducing symptoms, we should not ignore the fact that Americans are suffering an alarming number of adverse drug reactions. A 2006 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that more than 700,000 Americans visit emergency rooms each year due to adverse drug reactions from pharmaceutical drugs.

Users of non-toxic, no side effect drugs report the following benefits*:


-- No toxicity, no addiction, no dependency, no withdrawal.

-- Good results can be achieved when self-treating for many common acute conditions.

-- Low cost: medicines average less than $1 per day in acute and chronic conditions.

-- No negative interactions with mainstream pharmaceutical drugs.

-- Patients unable to use conventional pharmaceuticals due to excessive side effects can safely use these no-side-effect drugs.

-- People commonly report improvement in overall energy, mood, quality of sleep, and digestion after being treated with no-side-effect drugs.