Dallas County Confirms H1N1 Flu-Related Death

Ruzanna Harutyunyan's picture

Dallas County Health and Human Services confirms that a 3-year-old Dallas County resident who died this morning was infected with H1N1.


Confirmatory lab results came in late this afternoon. The child did have underlying medical conditions, including neurological and chronic lung disease.

For medical confidentiality and personal privacy reasons, DCHHS does not provide additional identifying information. This death is the county's fourth confirmed H1N1-related death.

The county's first H1N1-related death was reported Aug. 27. The case involved a 52-year-old female who had an underlying medical condition. The second H1N1 death was reported Sept. 4. That case involved a 37-year-old male who also had underlying medical conditions. And the third death involving an 11-year-old with no underlying medical conditions was reported Monday.

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