Nassau County Confirms First H1N1 Influenza Related Death

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Nassau County Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Maria Torroella Carney is announcing the County’s first death in a woman with confirmed H1N1 Influenza A virus who recently gave birth.

The woman, between the ages of 20 and 30, was admitted to the hospital on June 5th with fever and respiratory symptoms and was confirmed with H1N1 Influenza A virus on June 15th by the New York State Department of Health’s Wadsworth Laboratory.

She delivered a healthy baby by caesarian section on June 5th and on June 7th was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit where she died today. An autopsy will be performed by the Nassau County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Pregnant women are a known high-risk group for both seasonal and H1N1 Influenza A virus.

Until further information is available, the same groups at increased risk of seasonal influenza-related complications are considered to be at increased risk for H1N1 Influenza A virus-related complications. These high risk groups include:

• Children <5 years.

• Persons with the following underlying medical conditions:

-Chronic pulmonary disease, including asthma;


-Chronic cardiovascular (except hypertension), renal, or hepatic disease;

- Hematological disorders, including sickle cell disease;

- Metabolic disorders, including diabetes;

- Neurologic or neuromuscular disorders that increase the risk for aspiration or compromise the handling of respiratory secretions; or

- Immunosuppression, including that caused by medications or by HIV.

• Persons <19 years who are receiving long-term aspirin therapy for diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or Kawasaki disease.

• Pregnant women.

• Residents of nursing homes and other chronic-care facilities.

• Adults 65 years (the classification of this group as high risk for H1N1 Influenza A virus-related complications may be subject to change based on accumulating epidemiologic information).