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First Anchorage Novel H1N1 Confirmed

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A 28-year-old Anchorage man has become Anchorage’s first confirmed case of the novel H1N1 flu virus. The patient first reported feeling ill on June 1, 2009, and was swabbed for influenza at a clinic on June 3. The sample tested positive for novel H1N1 on June 9.

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The patient was given antiviral medication at the clinic and was feeling better three days later. No one in his immediate family has reported feeling ill. The patient has no record of travel in the past 30 days.

State and local health officials are closely monitoring the presence of H1N1 in Alaska and are prepared to respond as appropriate. The state of Alaska Section of Epidemiology tracks H1N1 cases in Alaska by region.

Health officials with both the state of Alaska and Municipality of Anchorage remind everyone that the best way to protect themselves from H1N1 and other viruses is to practice good hand hygiene, proper cough etiquette, and to stay home if they are sick.