H1N1 Influenza Connected With Duluth School

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The Minnesota Department of Health confirmed a case of H1N1 novel influenza connected with the Homecroft School in Duluth. The individual is expected to make a full recovery, and the school remains open. To date, the department has confirmed 37 cases of the virus in Minnesota.


Also today, MDH notified schools and health care providers of a slight change in guidance for schools. The CDC has narrowed the definition of an illness that is of concern as a potential case of H1N1 novel influenza.

The new definition is fever together with cough and/or sore throat, but not a runny nose. Fever is defined as a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Although the definition no longer includes a runny nose, it is recommended that students or staff who are developing symptoms of a respiratory illness, including a runny nose, stay home for at least one day to watch for other symptoms.

Because the novel H1N1 virus appears to be acting like seasonal influenza at this time, MDH officials expect to see additional cases across the state.



I just found this video on You Tube that really shows how germs and viruses spread. It is so cool. It's meant for kids but I even learned a lot! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56mq1t1BqfY