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Georgia Adopts New Guidance On School Closures Due To Flu

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The Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR), Division of Public Health (GDPH) has adopted newly released federal guidance regarding schools and childcare closures as it relates to the novel H1N1 influenza virus.

The CDC’s updated guidelines do not advise school closure for suspected or confirmed cases of H1N1 unless there is a magnitude of faculty or student absenteeism that interferes with the school’s ability to function.

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Based on CDC’s revised guidelines, GDPH has notified the Georgia High School Association and the headmaster at Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy in Henry County to recommend the school resume classes. GDPH continues to recommend any student or staff with flu-like symptoms stay home.

DHR Division of Public Health reported two additional confirmed cases of novel H1N1 novel virus today.

"The third Georgia case is a three-year old patient and the fourth case is a 36-year-old pregnant woman who is resting at home,” said Dr. Sandra Elizabeth Ford, Acting Director of the Division of Public Health. “Neither of these cases required hospitalization. Both patients are following treatment prescribed by their doctors”

Most people can recuperate from H1N1 novel virus at home just as with seasonal flu. Like seasonal flu, the H1N1 novel virus in humans can vary in severity from mild to severe.