Hong Kong Closely Monitors Influenza Vaccine Recall

Ruzanna Harutyunyan's picture

In response to media enquiries, a spokesman for the Hong Kong Department of Health said that DH was closely monitoring the recall of influenza virus vaccine manufactured by the British manufacturing plant of a drug company.

According to United States Food and Drug Administration, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Inc has requested customers to immediately discontinue the use of and return any remaining doses from five lots of FLUVIRIN Influenza vaccine Luer-Lok pre-filled syringes, manufactured in Britain.

Routine stability testing of FLUVIRIN revealled a minor deviation in the potency of the A/Brisbane (H1N1) component of the vaccine.


The lots affected bear the following lot numbers: 878771P, 878772P, 878773P, 878775P, 878776P.

The spokesman said that according to DH's records, FLUVIRIN has not been imported into Hong Kong.

"The Influenza virus vaccines manufactured by Novartis available in Hong Kong are manufactured in the company's manufacturing plant in another country and are tested to be effective for the current strains of influenza virus recommended by the World Health Organisation," he said.

"The DH will continue to closely monitor the recall and keep the public posted of the latest developments."