Iowa Prepared To Combat Pandemic Flu

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The U.S. Homeland Security Council today released its report entitled "Assessment of States' Operating Plans to Combat Pandemic Influenza."

The report summarizes the status of states' operating plans with respect to preparedness for, response to, and recovery from an influenza pandemic. Iowa was deemed "adequately prepared" (with or without gaps) in 20 of the 28 operating objectives on which states were scored. Two objectives were not applicable to Iowa, and one was in the review and follow-up stage, and was not scored.


Iowa demonstrated "substantial evidence of operational readiness" in the "Operating Readiness" objective. "We're very pleased with this report," said Iowa Dept. of Public Health (IDPH) Deputy Director Mary Jones.

"Receiving the highest score possible in the Operating Readiness objective shows successful coordination between the 11 state agencies participating in this report." The Operating Readiness objective was an analysis of state pandemic influenza preparation exercises held by IDPH and other agencies, including Public Safety, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Transportation, and others.

Iowa scored 69 percent or higher in 13 of the stated objectives. Iowa was given an 'inadequate' rating in only 5 categories, one of which no state was given an adequate rating.



The gov can take their "pandemic" + "mandatory killer vaccine" plan and shove it. This will not work.