Influenza Vaccine Now Available For Purchase

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The influenza (flu) vaccine is now available for purchase at $20 to people who are not in a risk category through Public Health Services and private health companies. For people in a high-risk category the vaccine is available for free.


Influenza is a contagious disease of the upper respiratory tract and is caused by a virus. It is spread by nasal droplets and symptoms can include sudden fever, chills, muscle aches, extreme tiredness and cough. People of all ages can benefit from an annual influenza vaccine. High–risk groups include adults 65 years or older; children and adults with chronic lung, heart and kidney conditions, cancer, diabetes and immune disorders; children and adolescents receiving long-term A.S.A.; healthy children ages 6 to 23 months and pregnant women

"Protection from influenza begins about two weeks after immunization and lasts for about six months or longer in the general population," says Karen Grauer, Manager, Public Health Services, Saskatoon Health Region. "The flu vaccine prevents influenza illness among 70 - 90% of healthy adults.

People who should not get a flu vaccine include infants younger than six months, those who have had life-threatening allergic reactions to the vaccine or any of its components, or people who have developed Guillain Barre Syndrome within eight weeks following flu immunization.

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