Holiday Gift Ideas For Expecting Moms

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The emergency suitcase is already packed and the fastest route to the hospital has already been mapped out. The baby's room is decorated and ready for its tiny new occupant. But what can family and friends do for mom, as she prepares for the birth of her baby?

Clarian Health Women's Services is pleased to suggest its top 11 gift ideas for expecting moms. These ideas range from the pampering to the artistic to simply helpful:


* Pregnant belly casting kit
* Custom-designed birth announcements
* Childbirth education classes
* Breast pump for a nursing mother
* Gift certificate for a lactation consultant
* Massage products for pregnancy and labor
* Customized aromatherapy for morning sickness and labor support
* Hire a weekly housekeeper for the first month after delivery
* Coupons redeemable for chores like laundry, babysitting the other kids, grocery shopping trips and making dinner
* An uninterrupted nap
* Diamonds are always good

More traditional gifts are good too. "New moms don't always feel pretty the first few weeks after pregnancy," said Erin Kirby, MSN, RNC, interim clinical director, Methodist Maternity Center and Clarian Women's Services. "Gifts like a new set of pajamas, a nursing nightgown or even scented bath products can help make them feel a whole lot better."

"Gifts designed to help mom around the house are particularly welcome," said Mary Weber, MSN, RN, CNAA, program administrator, Clarian Health Women's Services. "These types of gifts allow mom to rest and recover from childbirth, and to devote her time to the baby. This will help her to recognize her baby's cues for when to breastfeed and to adjust to the new family routine."

Continued Kirby, "Regardless of how you chose to pamper and support the expecting mom in your life, if you focus on her changing needs and what makes her heart tick, you will be a shining light in her holiday season."