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Helping Moms Take Nutrition Off Checklist

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Renowned cardiologist and biomedical sciences professor Dr. James Rippe is blanketing the nation’s airwaves today with a simple nutrition message important to everyone but never more so than busy moms at this time of the year as the school season gets underway.

“Many accusations today rely on speculation that tries to link single ingredients, including sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup to obesity,” says Dr. Rippe. “No single food or ingredient is the cause of obesity or overweight children. Eating too many calories and getting too little exercise causes it.”

That message is going out in a 23 market media blitz that includes live and taped reports on television network affiliates, cable, and independents. Dr. Rippe is also speaking on multiple radio stations across the country including local and national radio networks. And, he’s covering the digital spectrum via national broadband. Press releases for print media will coincide with today’s satellite media tour.

Part of the nutrition campaign includes tips to help moms improve children’s eating habits. The tips are simple and easy to do:

* Pack a lunch. Packing a lunch is one of the easiest things you can do to positively influence your child’s diet and make sure they’re avoiding unhealthy foods. Research shows that good nutrition leads to better academic performance and improved behavior.

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* Watch the servings! All sweets should be enjoyed in moderation. High fructose corn syrup, sugar and honey all contain the same amount of calories. Nutritionally they are all the same; moderation is the key.

* Stock the fridge and pantry with better-for-you foods. Easy-to-eat fruits, sliced veggies, whole grain snacks and low fat kid-friendly dairy products offer tasty ways to ensure that their after-school snacks are mom-approved.

* Practice what you preach. Mom is role model #1 when it comes to healthy eating habits. Take some time each day to teach your kids about balancing a nutritious diet with regular exercise. Make a habit of after-dinner walks or bike rides. Choose a scenic hike over that Sunday afternoon movie. Incorporating activity into your family’s every day life will help them develop healthy habits early on.

* Don’t skip breakfast! Give your kids a good start to the day by always serving breakfast. Whether you serve cereal and milk, fruit and yogurt, a breakfast bar or toaster waffles, just a few extra minutes in the morning can help them get the most out of the school day.

* Limit screen time. Too much TV, video games or computer time can lead to sedentary habits. Plus, it makes mindless munching all too easy. By limiting your child’s screen time, you can encourage them to be more active and help them cut down on calories that they just don’t need.

* Get moving. It’s not just too many calories that can lead to overweight and obesity. Encourage children to get moving. Active play is good for their growing bodies. And as children get older, organized sports will help ensure they burn off the calories they’re eating. Something as simple as walking to school once in a while instead of being driven by mom helps increase overall calorie expenditure.