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Businesses Encouraged To Support Breastfeeding Employees

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Supporting breastfeeding employees is good for infant, mother and the business bottom line. The Springfield-Greene County Health Department encourages businesses to participate in a new program called the “Business Case for Breastfeeding.”

“We have long known that breastmilk is the perfect food for infants, and that breastfeeding has tremendous benefit for both infant and mother,” says lactation consultant Julie Randolph. “This program also shows the benefit of breastfeeding for businesses who are supportive and accommodating.”

The program provides employees with information on how to continue successfully breastfeeding once they have returned to work after maternity leave. It helps women advocate for changes at their workplace. It also encourages businesses to support breastfeeding mothers with small changes, at no cost to the employer, such as providing a private setting for breastfeeding or pumping, offering flexible breaks and work options, making education and resources available, and encouraging a positive attitude agency?wide toward breastfeeding.

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Statistics show:

* One?day absences to care for sick children occur half as often for breastfeeding mothers as for mothers feeding their infants formula.

* Babies who are breastfed require fewer physician office visits, spend less days in the hospital and require fewer prescriptions.

* Breastfeeding mothers who are supported at work are more likely to improve their productivity and company loyalty.