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Glyc'n Go Increases NO In Blood Stream

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In recent controlled studies conducted by Dr. Richard Bloomer, University of Memphis, scientists found that the patented ingredient in Glyc'n Go, GlycoCarn, is the first and only proven ingredient to increase levels of nitric oxide (NO) in the body; thereby increasing blood nitrate/nitrate (NOx) in human subjects.

Nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator and enables an increase in blood flow to the skeletal muscles. This is significant to 1.) increasing oxygen and nutrient delivery for cellular energy production and 2.) removing metabolic wastes such as lactic acid and carbon dioxide. The resulting affect of an NO increase is improved performance and recovery.

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Glyc'n Go is formulated in the USA by LIFEXPAND. The sports supplement assists in shuttling fatty acids into the cell's mitochondria, enhancing ATP energy production. In addition to the NO and energy benefits; Glyc'n Go provides antioxidant functions by diminishing the potentially harmful effects of free radicals and aiding in the reduction of muscle tissue damage due to lactic acid build up.

Glyc'n Go delivers more pure GlycoCarn per serving than any other GPLC tablet or capsule on the market today. Glyc'n Go is the only chewable form of GlycoCarn and has been proven to dissolve 26% faster than tablets, enabling the product to enter the blood stream and take effect with maximum efficiency.

Glyc'n Go addresses the needs of many athletes, from strength and power, to endurance and speed. The multitude of benefits offer a number of uses to the active human body.

Glyc'n Go is manufactured in the USA by LIFEXPAND, Inc. As a service and commitment to the athletic community, LIFEXPAND rigorously tests it products, including Glyc'n Go, under strict protocols. Glyc'n Go is certified banned-substance free by Informed-Choice and HFL, the world's largest sports regulatory and research lab.