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Beyond Vitamin C

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Consumers are looking beyond Vitamin C for effective ways to stay healthy during cold and flu season. With the variety of supplements available, it's increasingly important to understand the science behind supplements in order to choose effective products.

Paul Addis, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of nutrition from the University of Minnesota and Director of Nutrition Research, Botanic Oil Innovations, explains two important things to look for when choosing an effective supplement.

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"First, look for a variety of nutrients. Omega-fatty acids, a broad range of antioxidants, and a variety of vitamins are going to provide greater support working together than they can independently. Additionally, other valuable components such as plant sterols, polyphenols and specific anti- inflammatory components are useful in lowering cholesterol, augmenting resistance to free radical formation, and inhibiting inflammatory damage, respectively."

Our immune systems are complex and require many different support mechanisms in order to function properly. Specific nutrients have specific functions, but using them independently fails to support the immune system as a whole. Supplements that offer broad support, through a high concentration of antioxidants, Omega fatty acids, vitamins and other nutrients, better support a healthy immune system.

Second, Addis recommends looking for natural sources. "Heat and chemicals can compromise the integrity of the nutrients. And synthetic formulas often fall short of their natural counterparts."

Addis recommends products that use cold-pressed seed oils and flours. "In nature, seeds are packed with potent nutrients, antioxidants and other valuable phytochemicals, in order to protect the seed and nourish new life. Supplements made from seed oils and flours have some of the broadest spectrum and highest levels of naturally available nutrients." Blueberries are great but cold-pressed blueberry oil possesses 20-times the level of overall antioxidant strength found in fresh blueberries.