Viatronix Releases Enhanced V3D-Cardiac Module

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Stony Brook based Viatronix Incorporated, a leading innovator and developer of 3D imaging software, announced today that the Company received FDA 510(k) market clearance for its V3D-Cardiac module.

"The module has been developed utilizing the "proven" Viatronix V3D user friendly interface and workflow. It represents another milestone for the Company delivering a clinical application designed around a physician's workflow," said Zaffar Hayat, CEO and President of Viatronix. In the near future we expect to deliver other organ specific modules to meet the demands of the diagnostic imaging market."


"The V3D-Cardiac module is another achievement that stands by our philosophy of delivering high-end workflow optimized clinical solutions. We worked very closely with physicians to make sure we provided a complete cardiac solution," said Dongqing Chen, Lead Scientist at Viatronix. The V3D-Cardiac application combines left ventricle and coronary analysis functions into a single "user friendly" module. Since both functions are analyzed in a single application, the physician can now choose from any of the multiple phases when performing a coronary analysis.

"We built this product based upon the success and strengths of our other V3D clinical applications. They are recognized in the industry for ease of use, intuitive interfaces and multiple toolsets enabling physicians to perform time efficient reads," Dr. Chen added.

In meeting market demands, all of Viatronix's V3D clinical applications are available on an enterprise wide "software only" server based licensing model.