Heart360 Gives All Around Perspective To Heart Health

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Managing your heart health just got easier -- online.

With the American Heart Association's innovative new cardiovascular wellness center www.heart360.org you can now enter your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose numbers, log physical activities, record your weight, and keep a diary of the medications you're taking or used to take.

The entries are stored online in a secure, password-protected system to be charted, compared and updated -- to help you set goals and track your progress in reducing heart disease risk factors.

A variety of links to relevant American Heart Association content are also available on the site.

"Statistics show millions of people are turning to the Internet for health information," said Dr. Tim Gardner, president of the American Heart Association and medical director of the Center for Heart and Vascular Health at the Christiana Care Health System in Delaware. "With Heart360, patients and their families can easily track their risk factors and get quick access to the most credible source of online heart and stroke information."

Powered by Microsoft HealthVault, Heart360 replaces and expands on the American Heart Association's former Blood Pressure Management Center. The new site offers the ability to track a broader range of heart disease risk factors, while providing more guidance and information.

In 2007, Microsoft launched HealthVault, a personal health platform that allows consumers to gather, store and share health information online. HealthVault enables the exchange of data among different health applications, such as the American Heart Association's Heart360.

"The American Heart Association has long been a trusted source for heart health information, and Heart360 makes it even easier for consumers to track and view their health information online," said Dr. Jim Mault, director of business development, Microsoft Health Solutions Group. "By combining data from Heart360 with information from other HealthVault data sources and applications, consumers have a better snapshot of their overall health profile."


New users can visit www.Heart360.org to set up a Microsoft HealthVault account. Previous users of the American Heart Association's Blood Pressure Management Center can log in normally and their data will automatically transfer to Heart360.

Unique features of the site include:

• Goals: The user can set personal goals for readings, such as blood pressure or weight.

• Guidance: The tool will direct users to the recommended ranges for blood pressure, cholesterol and other types of data. In some cases, a user will receive links and additional information to share with their doctor.

• Multiple user accounts: Users can manage their families' health with several user accounts. This is ideal for parents and/or caregivers.

• Connect your devices: Heart360 is compatible with some home blood pressure monitors. Look for the "Works with HealthVault" logo. Using Microsoft HealthVault, users can upload their readings and incorporate them into their Heart360 account. Information can also be entered manually.

• Notices: A user will receive a message when their health inputs are in a range that signals they should consult with their doctor.

• Progress reports: Users can easily prepare reports on their data. These reports can be printed and e-mailed.

• Resources: As information is entered over time, a user will receive timely links to useful information tailored to meet their individual needs.

"In the future Heart360 will expand so healthcare providers can access a patient's information and communicate with patients about their progress," Gardner said.