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Pima County Promotes Importance Of Oral Health

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The Pima County Health Department is providing information specifically addressing oral health as well as a web link for oral health practitioners.

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The site contains information for parents, seniors and grandparents, and children regarding good oral health habits as well as providing dental professionals with current information that is easily accessible.

“Oral health and access to dental care is part of basic health care, and as such, is an important part of the well being and quality of life for people of this county,” stated Bradley Brumm, DDS, and member of the Pima County Board of Health.

The Health Department’s website contains has a wide array of information as well as activity pages for children and educational sheets for parents informing them of the importance of oral health.



I'm so thankful that the pima county public health department is so supportive and dedicated to educating the public. Great Program! Keep up the good work!!