Tips For Keeping Sweet Tooth Intact

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With all the temptation to eat sweets this coming holiday season, the American Dental Association is reminding folks to take good care of their teeth. Those moments of temptation during holiday festivities could lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and possibly tooth loss down the road.

The ADA offers these tips for enjoying those holiday sweets and keeping the sweet tooth intact.

- Consume Sugary Foods with Meals. The mouth produces more saliva during meals, which helps rinse food particles from the mouth and neutralizes plaque acid that can cause tooth decay.


* Limit Between-Meal Snacks. Nutritious foods are preferable for snacking. And chewing sugarless gum also helps because it increases saliva flow which helps wash out food particles and neutralize plaque acid that can cause tooth decay.

* Drink More Water. Water with the optimal amount of fluoride can help prevent tooth decay.

* Brush Teeth Twice Daily with fluoride toothpaste and Floss Daily

* See Dentist Regularly.